CJD Ladies take to dance training, find out how they are getting on

Here’s how our Celebrity JustDance ladies are getting on…

Jacqui Gudgion:
“Friday was an exciting day.  The email came through to tell me that my shoes were ready for collection at International Dance Shoes Limited.  This is a local family run business that supplies the shoes for Strictly and I didn’t even know it was there!  I now have two lovely pairs of dance shoes – one for latin and one for ballroom.  The evening group training session came around quickly and 7 O’Clock marked the kick off of my dance career.  I was sooo nervous but the other rooky dancers and Accursio (our fantastic dance teacher and organiser of the JustDance event) were fantastic.  We actually had a lot of fun; I never realised a three hour exercise session could be so enjoyable.  I came away with a sense of being able to do the basic dance steps.  Until Sunday that was, when I met my dance partner Joseph.  Joseph gets the medal for the most patient man ever because I found remembering all of the head turns, toe leads, heel leads and other bells and whistles a real challenge.  So this week I will be trying to memorise the routine and learning to spin.  Not as easy as it sounds without a few gin and tonics beforehand; so if you see me around MK spinning in circles whilst trying to flick my head around at the last minute to stop myself falling over, it’s not madness, it’s practice! Roll on Friday for our next group practice session.”

Ruby Parmar:
“Omg!  My first dance lesson and what a humbling experience. What I thought would be a few turns and steps was the most difficult physical activity I’ve ever done. I’ll never make fun of my husband’s, or anyone’s, dancing ever again. Just glad there were no paparazzi, aka colleagues from PwC, hanging around in the wings to show how uncoordinated and non swan like a looked.

But hey, that was just the first one, I will get better. As the saying goes “the only way is up”

Until next time…..”

Michelle O’Keefe:
““First training session on Friday 15th and loved it!! I may have stepped on a few toes (so sorry Ryan and Accursio for that!) but the overall experience was brilliant for my first ever try at the Waltz and Samba. I was so nervous before we started, but after 5 minutes the nerves soon went thanks to Accursio’s teaching and patience! I now find myself practising Samba moves whilst brushing my teeth! Can’t wait for the next training session!”